Mrs. Dash® Foodservice

Boost a recipe. Revive a menu. Mrs. Dash® – America’s #1 salt free seasoning made with an all natural blend of herbs and spices. Unlike the majority of dry blend seasonings where salt is the primary ingredient, Mrs. Dash provides 100% great consistent flavor undiluted by salt. Along with the sodium free benefit, Mrs. Dash also adds bold flavor. 77% of consumers use Mrs. Dash because it makes food taste good. Ask for it by name.

Mrs. Dash adds brand name recognition and mass appeal to your dishes. Try mixing Garlic & Herb into mashed potatoes, grilling Lemon Pepper on fish, and using Original Blend or Extra Spicy as a rub for meats. Mrs. Dash is great for many different applications. So invite her to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Mrs. Dash® is a registered trademark of B&G Foods North America, Inc.