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Ice Cream Flavors for 2015
January 19, 2015

In their January newsletter, the National Ice Cream Retailers Assn (NICRA) showcased some expected trends in ice cream flavors for 2015.  Herbal and spice flavors continue to be strong with concepts like cardamom & dark chocolate, raspberry chipotle, and lemongrass basil.  Latin American flavors are increasing in influence with desserts including churro ice cream, flan ice cream, or even jalapeno ice cream with a spiced fruit accent.  The salty and sweet trend has been popular for quite a while, but ideas continue to unfold like blue cheese & pear ice cream, and cucumber mint with lime.  And more and more operators are finding that alcohol and ice cream make a great combo with celebratory flavors like champagne & strawberries, butterscotch & scotch, or an unlimited number of wine pairings.

Vanilla is always classic, but don’t forget to take your frozen treats to another level and keep customers coming back to try your creations!

Vanilla Soft Serve (D400)

Chocolate Soft Serve (D410)