Resources: Menu Trends

Small Plates Are Big
November 09, 2015

Whoever said bigger was better clearly wasn’t up to date on their foodservice trends. These days, customers are increasingly eating outside the three regular meals a day, opting instead for five or more smaller meals. For many restaurants, this has made way for a larger variety of entrées at smaller portion sizes and price points.

The source of the small plate trend isn’t hard to understand. Little servings give diners an opportunity to control health, value, and variety. Snacking is usually associated with potato chips, popcorn or candy, but with small plates customers can opt for healthier options. Eating several smaller meals, as opposed to a few big meals, has also been shown to speed up metabolism and help consumers lose weight.

In addition their health benefits, small plates allow for a larger variety of foods at a smaller price point. Many restaurants have resized and repriced regular entrée items as small plates, allowing customers to be adventurous and try multiple menu offerings in a single meal. What’s more, diners can nibble and chat over an extended period rather than sit down to a heavy meal.

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