Recipe Yield:
Amount Item
2 1/2  Tbsp Cornstarch
2  Tbsp Stevia; powdered
1/4  cup Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend
4 1/2  cups Fat Free Evaporated Milk; Vitamin A&D added
12  cups Edamame; shelled, IQF
9  cups Corn; Golden/White, IQF
1 1/4  cups Red bell peppers, fresh, small dice
1  cup Spanish Onions; fresh, small dice
  1. In a large sauce pot, combine cornstarch, stevia, Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper and milk.

  2. Stir in edamame, corn, bell peppers and onions.

  3. Turn on the burner and bring the ingredients to a boil, stirring constantly to help prevent scorching. Reduce heat to low and simmer 12 minutes. Finished product will have absorbed the majority of the liquid and look creamy in texture.

  4. Remove pot from heat and keep the succotash hot for service. Serve immediately.

  5. HINT: Edamame replaces traditional lima beans in this recipe. If that is too progressive for your operation, use lima beans.

  6. HINT: In season fresh shucked golden/white corn kernels could be substituted for the IQF corn.

  7. HINT: For additional color and flavor, toss in chopped fresh tomatoes or use heirloom tomatoes to further craft the farm story.

  8. HINT: Can be used as a seasonal side for summertime fair: BBQ, grilled entrees, picnics, etc. Could also be used as a holiday side on Thanksgiving menus.

  9. HINT: Succotash is conducive to easy re-therming (from cold) without breaking. Can also be held on a buffet line or steam table and portioned as needed during service.

  10. HINT: A steam jacketed kettle works wonderfully for cooking the recipe, preventing scorching that may occur over the stove top flame.