Fiesta Potato Bowl

Each prepared bowl contributes 2.5 oz M/MA, 3/4 Veg (1/2 cups starch, 1/4 cup legume)

Recipe Yield: 1 bowl
Amount Item
1/2  cup Potato, Mashed Pearls BAF (#10426)
1/4  tsp Mrs. Dash Salt Free Spicy Jalapeno Seasoning Blend (#J094)
3  oz Chicken, fajita dark meat
1/4  cup Foothill Farms® Reduced Sodium Classic Red Enchilada Sauce (#V532)
1/4  cup Foothill Farms® Charro Style Beans (#V461)
1/2  oz Cheese, Cheddar, Yellow, Reduced Fat, Shredded
  1. Prepare mashed potatoes per package instructions.

  2. Prepare enchilada sauce per package instructions.

  3. Prepare chicken per package instructions.

  4. Prepare charro beans per package instructions.

  5. For service, layer the following in the order below into a 12 oz bowl: 1. Mash potatoes (1/2 cup) 2. Chicken (3 oz) 3. Enchilada Sauce (1/4 cup) 4. Beans (1/4 cup) 5. Cheese (1/2 oz)