Turkey Chili

1 cup serving provides 2 oz Meat/Meat Alternates and 1/4 cup Red/Orange.

Recipe Yield: 100 1-cup servings
Turkey Chili
Amount Item
3  bags Foothill Farms® Chili Seasoning Mix (#V417)
8 3/4  lb Turkey Crumbles, precooked
3  #10 cans Red Kidney Beans, low-sodium
3  #10 cans Tomatoes, canned, low-sodium
  1. Combine turkey crumbles, undrained red kidney beans, undrained diced tomatoes and Chili Seasoning (8.05 oz). Mix well.

  2. Divide between 3 full-size steam table pans. Cover with lid (do not use foil) and bake in 400ºF convection oven for 30-45 minutes; or until product reaches 180°F. Stir prior to serving.