Wisconsin Cheese Soup

This comfort food soup is blended with milk to give it a rich, creamy and cheesy flavor.

Recipe Yield: 12 1-cup servings
Wisconsin Cheese Soup
Amount Item
1/2  gal whole milk
1  bag Foothill Farms® Three Cheese Mac & Cheese Sauce Mix
1/2  C chopped celery
1/2  C chopped carrot
1/2  C chopped onion
1/2  C chopped bacon pieces
1  Tbsp brown mustard
  hot water
  1. Bring milk to 160°-190°F and then mix in cheese sauce mix until completely dissolved.

  2. Cook celery, onion and carrots to soften and add to cheese sauce. Add in bacon pieces and mustard.

  3. Adjust consistency with hot water.

  4. Option: Add cooked chicken, rice and/or broccoli.