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5 Ways To Add Flavor To Rice
August 30, 2013

Recognized as nutrition powerhouses - packed with protein as well as texture and full, rich taste - grains are playing star roles on trendy menus.  Instead of serving plain rice/grains week after week, consider adding flavor with Foothill Farms® Rice Seasoning packets.  Seasoning packets are economically-priced to reduce food costs by up to 60% and increase your profit.  Enjoy CILANTRO LIME, MEXICAN, FIESTA, CHICKEN, and ASIAN STIR FRIED.  They are also easy to make.  Simply add seasoning to rice/grain during cooking process.  Add flavor to many types of rices and grains like white rice, whole grain brown rice, wheatberry, quinoa, amaranth, millet, and more.  Once case of seasoning flavors up to 25 lb of rice/grain.  Great as a side, build unique rice bowls, or create inventive stuffed burritos.