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Taste of the Trip 1: Getting There
February 27, 2018

Taste of the Trip 1: Getting There

Ready, Set, Go...Kind Of

This is the first entry in Chef Kit's culinary travel log. He's our globetrotting food pro with world-class certifications, including CEC, CCE, AAC, and FMP. Chef recently traveled to Spain to explore the local fare and bring back the latest trends to help take Mrs. Dash products and recipes to the next level. Getting there ended up being a bumpy ride but—spoiler alert—Chef made it!

Parts Unknown

The route was Kansas City, Missouri to Atlanta to Paris to Barcelona to San Sebastian. I got to the Kansas City airport for my early flight, checked my luggage, boarded, and was off to Atlanta. Once I boarded my plane to leave for Paris, though, it malfunctioned so the crew began repairs. An hour later, the pilot announced that they didn’t have a part they needed so everyone was de-planed. I explained to the airline agent that I was going to miss my connection in Paris and was concerned about luggage. “No worries!” the agent said.

Shirt & Shoes Required

I finally got to San Sebastian a day late with no luggage. It was Christmas time and no retailers were open for me to buy new clothes. Hotel Maria Cristina saved the day and laundered my travel clothes every night while I lounged in my room in a robe, planning my culinary adventures. The concierges Stephania and Edurne were very helpful and offered extraordinary service and care. But, because of the missing luggage, I got off to a rocky start and ended up missing a brunch and dinner reservation because I didn’t have proper attire.

New Day. New Friends.

I was finally able to buy new clothes on the 26th and the fun began. I became friends with Eskerne Falcón who owns the tour company Discover San Sebastian. Eskerne took me on a private tour, including the best pintxo bars. These are tapas bars that showcase first-rate ingredients combined with the culinary creativity of local chefs.

Check back soon for my next travel log, "Taste of the Trip 2: San Sebastian & Barcelona" where i explore pinxto bars, lberico ham and the latest flavor trends.