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Serving Thick-It AquaCareH2O as a frozen treat
March 08, 2013

Did you know?

Did you know that you can freeze Thick-It® AquaCareH2O® Beverages into a frozen treat? That’s right! Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages maintain the proper consistency over time and changes in temperature. So, when your frozen treat melts, it returns to the original consistency with which you started.

Here is a favorite way to use Thick-It AquaCareH2O Beverages Thickened Water:

Grape Super Fruity Cubes:

1.  Mix: ½ cup of Grape Kool-Aid® Powdered Drink Mix with 1½ cups of Thick-It® AquaCareH2O® Beverages Thickened Water. Stir until dissolved.

2.  Pour into plastic ice cube trays lightly sprayed with nonstick cooking spray.

3.  Freeze until firm.

4.  Serve as a frozen treat or add cubes to a glass of Thick-It® AquaCareH2O® Beverages Thickened Water for a fruity twist!

Yield: Makes about 14 (2-cube) servings.

Does your facility have a granita machine? Pour the mixed product into the granita machine and enjoy a delicious Grape Slush! Safe for your patients with dysphagia, but so delicious, even your non-dysphagia patients will request it!

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