Old Bay® Creamy Caesar Sauce (Caesar Sea Sauce)

Great sauce and vibrant spread for fried fish filet sandwich for lent or signature special. Spread on a toasted soft lobster-style roll with the fried fish filet and cool shredded iceberg lettuce.

Recipe Yield: 172 2-Tbsp servings
Amount Item
1  bag Foothill Farms® Caesar Dressing Mix (#J351)
2  c Cold water
1  qt Vinegar (white distilled)
2 3/4  qts Vegetable oil, divided
3/4  c Old Bay® Seasoning
1  c Cocktail sauce
  1. Pour contents of package (12.5 oz) into a 12-quart bowl mixing bowl of an electric mixer with a wire whip attachment. Add cold water, vinegar and 3 cups of vegetable oil. Mix at high speed for about three minutes.

  2. Scrape down sides of bowl. Turn mixer back on and slowly pour in remaining vegetable oil, Old Bay and cocktail sauce. Continue mixing at high speed for another three minutes.

  3. Cover and keep refrigerated. Mix well before serving.