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(National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders) Innovations in Dysphagia Nutrition: Xanthan Gum for Quality of Life
June 06, 2016

As seen in National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders

Dinner out with friends was once a relaxing experience. Holiday meals meant enjoying familiar comfort foods of years past. A glass of wine was an evening treat.

For millions of people, the enjoyment of eating and drinking can change overnight.

This is the reality that those living with dysphagia face. Simple foods and beverages they once enjoyed have become risks for aspiration and hospitalization—and sometimes even death. Lost is the social aspect of the meal; lost are favorite foods and drinks; lost is the lunch “break”…as eating becomes a chore.

Faced with a choice between following a regular diet accompanied by the risk of aspiration or following a safer, modified diet comprised of thickened foods and beverages, many eventually resort to the latter. “Thickened” thus describes everything they consume.

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