(Star Press) DOLE Whip® Becomes a Staple at Muncie Frozen Yogurt Stop
July 06, 2018

As seen in Star Press | Written by Mary Freda

“I want to attract everybody,” she said. “Some people can't have dairy. Some people are vegan. I have products that are vegan, I have some kosher. I even have … soft frozen fruit and it is all natural — gluten-free, vegan, nondairy.”

In the past, BerryWinkle offered rotating frozen yogurt flavors. Now, six frozen treats are offered including frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, Italian ice, custard and gelati — custard and Italian ice swirled. There are even sugar-free toppings and treats.

The biggest hit, though, has been pineapple Dole Whip, although it's unconfirmed whether its shipped straight from Aloha Isle or not.

“The Dole Whip has been the best thing I have ever done,” Haskell said.

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