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Driving Desserts
November 01, 2013

Consumers’ desire for desserts is on the rise and that craving is popping-up throughout the day. According to Technomic, consumers have increased their dessert consumption over the past three years; currently 40% of consumers indulge in dessert twice a week or more, up from 36% in 2010. With the snacking movement in full swing, Technomic reports that dessert items also make an appearance as mid-morning and mid-afternoon treats.

Consumers are looking for versatility in their desserts and you can entice them with format, flavor, and fractions. Thinking beyond the typical cake or cookie format is a winning strategy. Even combining formats – a brownie inside of a cookie - provides interest and depth to your treats. Unique or signature flavors are appealing and spicing up your treats seasonally is not only special, but also profitable! Finally, consumers love choice and offering a dessert item that is a fraction of the full-size dessert (with a fractional price to boot!), may persuade those who normally wouldn’t indulge to give it a try or may encourage the purchase of several smaller items to share among friends.

Try some of our most craveable treats today. Great as stand-alone desserts or as a base for your signature style!

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