Resources: Menu Trends

Fast & Fresh Italian
May 01, 2015

The fast-casual segment continues to grow at an impressive rate, and Italian cuisine is predicted to be the next big thing in the category. With its selection of sauces, veggies and platforms, it’s well-suited for a “build-it-yourself” servicing format. It’s also familiar enough to tempt traditionalists while serving as a platform for bolder flavor exploration. The search for authenticity is easily satisfied with well-executed, modern Italian fare.

The key to success in the fast-casual Italian segment is quality ingredients, proven recipes, price point and speed of service. As a leading foodservice provider, Kent Precision Foods Group is here to help, offering all the resources you need to make your Italian operation a success. Not only are our ingredients delicious and quick to prepare, they’re versatile and good to your bottom line. We also provide dozens of Italian recipes to serve as thought inspiration for your menu creations. Check ‘em out!