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Soft Serve Resurgence
October 01, 2015

Everyone has a soft spot for soft serve. In fact, it’s the most popular ice cream in the U.S., with sales steadily expanding. According to Datassential, a market research firm for the foodservice industry, soft serve has grown 18 percent over the last four years and 11 percent between 2013 and 2014 alone.

It’s not hard to see the appeal of this classic childhood treat. People have great memories of eating soft serve growing up, so it’s a familiar favorite. But what accounts for the recent resurgence? Well, we have an idea.

By now, you probably know that millennials love customizations. This has driven many current foodservice trends, and is one of the reasons KPFG makes it easy to add your own twist on our creations. Soft serve is no different. Vanilla continues to rank as the most popular flavor, according to Datassential. But emerging dessert flavor trends, like hibiscus, cardamom, agave, brown butter and smoke, suggest consumers are interested in venturing out of their comfort zone.

With Frostline® Soft Serve Mix, it's easy to customize your soft serve with flavors that are already carried in house like milk, coffee, spirits, or soda. You can offer seasonal treats, a trendy flavor of the week, or several flavors at once to turn your operation into a delicious dessert destination. With the start of fall, it’s the perfect time to try our Apple Cider Soft Serve. Click to view our complete list of recipes.