Mexican Whole Grain Brown Rice

1/2 cup provides 1 oz whole grain

Recipe Yield: 60 1/2-cup servings
Mexican Whole Grain Brown Rice
Amount Item
3 3/4  lb Rice, brown, long grain, parboiled
1  bag Foothill Farms® Mexican Rice Seasoning Mix (11 oz) (V419)
1 1/3  gal Hot water (180°-190°F)
4  oz Butter (optional)
  1. In a 4" full-size steam table pan, combine hot water, brown rice, contents of Rice Seasoning packet (11 oz) and butter (optional). Stir well.

  2. Cover with foil or pan lid and bake in a 350°F convection oven for 30-40 minutes or until water is absorbed.

  3. Remove from oven. Keep warm (160°F). Fluff with fork before serving.