Vegan Picadillo Burrito

One serving provides 1 oz M/MA, 2 oz Grains, and 1/2 cup Vegetable

Recipe Yield:
Amount Item
1  bag Foothill Farms® Picadillo Seasoning #V464
5  lbs Tomatoes, canned, diced, undrainded
2 1/2  lbs Black beans, canned, drained
2 1/2  lbs Garbanzo beans, canned, drained
3 1/4  lbs WG brown rice
64  each WG tortillas
  1. Picadillo Prep: Combine tomatoes (undrained), black beans (drained) and garbanzo beans (drained) in Kettle or large skillet. Add 1 package of Picadillo Seasoning mixture. Stir to Blend Cover and simmer for 10 minutes.

  2. Prepare WG brown rice as per package instructions.

  3. For 1 Burrito: Place 2 oz Vegan Picadillo mixture and 1/2 cup prepared WG brown rice on WG tortilla and wrap.