Thick-It Unveils New Packaging
March 09, 2018

Please be advised that Thick-It® has converted the packaging design on all products. Two products have already been produced and have shipped out of the warehouse (J585-C6800 and J584-H5800), so consumers can expect to see these products on the shelves soon if they haven’t already.

The concentrated products will be converting soon:

  • J587-C6800 Thick-It® Concentrated Food & Beverage Thickener (6/36oz)
  • J586-H5800 Thick-It® Concentrated Food & Beverage Thickener (12/10oz)

Features of the new film include:

  • Improved visual design to better reflect the brand promise to customers
  • Updated logo
  • Increase a point of differentiation among swallowing disorder products
  • To strengthen the product’s shelf impact

The only change is in packaging, the formulas are exactly the same. The UPC’s and manufacturer codes have not changed and the ordering process will remain the same.

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