Thick-It® Clear Advantage® Beverages (RTD)

Thick-It® Clear Advantage® Thickened Beverages are the next generation of pre-thickened beverages for individuals with difficulty swallowing. These delicious thickened beverages are made from pure Artesian mineral water. This pristine water comes from a well 600 feet below the ground which is then thickened with xanthan gum using a patented process resulting in thickened water that looks and tastes natural. This pure appearance and natural taste may improve patient intake and hydration status.



Available in Mildly-Thick (nectar) and Moderately-Thick (honey) consistencies.


  • No added lemon flavor; calorie and sugar free


  • Premium roast blend; regular and decaf; calorie and sugar free


  • Apple juice, cranberry juice blend, and orange juice blend contain 100% juice with added ingredients; no high fructose corn syrup



Maintains proper consistency

  • Over time and changes in temperature
  • Chill, freeze/thaw, and heat

Labor Saving Convenience Ready-to-Drink

  • No mixing just open and serve
  • Resealable 8 oz and 64 oz bottles


  • Chill or heat
  • Freeze to make ice cubes or frozen treats
  • Add powdered drink mixes for variety: tea, coffee, cocoa, broth, lemonade, milk, laxative or nutritional drink powder.

Meets special dietary needs

  • Diabetic or weight management - water and coffee are calorie- and sugar-free
  • All varieties are gluten free
  • Clear liquid diet - water, apple juice and cranberry juice appropriate
  • Kosher Pareve and Kosher for Passover all varieties