Thick-It® Purées


Developed by a Registered Dietitian, Thick-It® Purées offer high-quality, fully cooked, ready-to-eat pureed foods for people with dysphagia. With consistent texture and nutrition in every serving, healthcare providers can serve their patients comfort foods that will help satisfy their taste preferences and nutritional needs.



Breakfast: Maple Cinnamon French Toast; Omelet with Sausage and Cheddar Cheese

Entrees: Beef in Barbecue Sauce; Beef Lasagna; Beef Stew; Salisbury Steak; Chicken a la King; Seasoned Chicken Patty

Vegetables: Carrot and Pea; Seasoned Broccoli; Seasoned Green Bean; Seasoned Spinach; Sweet Corn

Fruits and Desserts: Mixed Fruit and Berry; Caramel Flavored Apple Pie





  • Ready-to-eat/open, heat and serve
  • Fully cooked/shelf-stable
  • Disaster menu ready
  • Pull tab to open
  • Provides hard-to-puree items


  • Consistent texture and nutrition in every serving
  • 5 to 8 servings per can


  • Excellent patient satisfaction
  • 15 delicious varieties
  • Made with real ingredients


  • Everyday use, emergency stock, late trays
  • May be shaped and frozen
  • Mimics additional items on your menu