Product Catalog

We offer dry-blend products across a variety of categories, both sweet and savory, to locations across the nation. This wide range of products, supported by our operational flexibility, helps you complete your menu in efficient and affordable ways.

Frozen Desserts

Make your place a destination with Frostline® Frozen Treats and DOLE SOFT SERVE®. Take your pick from rich and creamy yogurt to a variety of soft serve mixes, including lactose-free and dairy-free options!


With a little hot water, these tasty sauces are ready to pair up with any item in your kitchen. We offer delicious cheese sauces, ethnic sauces, low sodium options and much more.


Taco seasoning, popular ethnic options and even salt-free varieties! Select from savory choices that can transform your operation into a “can’t miss” dining destination.


Soups have never been easier or more delicious with the wide variety of soup bases Kent Precision Foods Group has to offer. Come inside for more info.

Gravy Mixes

Grandma wishes she had it this easy! Find instant and cook up gravies from Foothill Farms® that are sure to bring that familiar 'just-like-Grandma-used-to-make' taste to your next meal.


Our rich creamy ranch will help you create the perfect salad, a delicious dip, a spread for your sandwich and so much more! Click here to explore the many other tasty dressings we have to offer.

Side Dishes

Whether it's a trendy bean seasoning, a rice kit or stuffing, we've got the perfect side dish for you. Choose from our extensive library of recipes or create something of your own!


Our great tasting dessert mixes, like bread pudding, fruit crisp and creamy mousse mix are easy to prepare and customize.


Our shake mix, makes it easy to give customers the creamy taste they love!