Recipe Yield:
Amount Item
1  lb Small elbow macaroni
1  bag Foothill Farms® Classic Alfredo Sauce Creamy Parmesan Instant Mix (#090)
100  each Pepperoni, small rounds
1 1/4  c Melted clarified butter
4  tsp Garlic salt
40  slices Texas toast bread (untoasted)
40  slices White American cheese
1  c Fine ground parmesan cheese
  1. Cook 1lb of macaroni until tender, per package instructions. Drain (do not rinse) and place hot macaroni in a large stainless steel mixing bowl.

  2. While pasta is cooking prepare Alfredo Sauce Mix by pouring ½ gallon hot water into mixing container. Pour contents of one package of sauce mix (19 oz) into water while vigorously stirring with a wire whisk. Continue stirring until mix is dissolved. Cover and let stand for 3 minutes then stir again until sauce is smooth and glazy.

  3. Add 1 qt warm Classic Alfredo Sauce to macaroni. Stir thoroughly to evenly combine. Cover and refrigerate remaining sauce.

  4. Line a half sheet pan with saran wrap. Spoon Alfredo mac and cheese onto pan and spread out evenly. Top pan with saran wrap and lightly press down on the pasta, to compact pasta. Refrigerate for 1 hour (or overnight) until firm.

  5. Crisp pepperoni by placing the pepperoni slices on a foil lined sheet pan. Bake in a 350°F convection for 15 minutes until very crisp. Remove from oven and cool to room temperature on sheet pan. Reserve for cooking.

  6. After Alfredo mac and cheese has firmed, cut into 20 squares (4 squares across x 5 squares long).

  7. In a mixing bowl, combine butter and garlic salt. Reserve warm for sandwiches. Evenly butter Texas toast bread as needed.

  8. To make 1 sandwich, build in this order: • slice of Texas toast bread (buttered side facing down) on a clean work surface • 1 slice of white American cheese • 1 tsp ground parmesan (evenly sprinkled over entire area) • 1 Alfredo mac and cheese square • 5 crispy pepperoni slices (1 in each corner and 1 in the middle) • 1 tsp ground parmesan (evenly sprinkled over entire area) • 1 slice of white American cheese • top slice of Texas toast bread (buttered side facing up)

  9. Heat a griddle over medium-low heat and cook the sandwich for approx. 5 minutes on each side, to an even golden brown. Gently press the sandwich with a spatula to help compress ingredients. Remove sandwich from griddle and slice in ½ on an angle (corner to corner).