Recipe Yield:
Amount Item
1  package Foothill Farms® Cilantro Lime Rice Seasoning Mix (#S162)
1  package Foothill Farms® Charro Style Bean Seasoning Mix (#V461)
1  package Asado Style Fajita Seasoning (#V463)
1  package Foothill Farms® Salsa Mix-No MSG (#V425)
2 1/2  lbs Brown Rice
1  can Low-Sodium Pinto Beans
20  oz Plain Chicken Fajita Strips
1  can Diced Tomatoes
1  package 10" Whole Grain Don Poncho Tortillas
2  cups Shredded Cheddar Cheese
2  cups Shredded Lettuce
2  cups Fresh Tomatoes, diced
  1. Prepare Salsa with canned tomatoes according to package instructions. Refrigerate.

  2. Prepare rice, beans and fajita strips according to package directions.

  3. Place tortilla on clean cutting surface.

  4. Place 2oz. Rice, 2oz. Beans and 2oz. Chicken in center of tortilla, leaving clear 1 inch on either side and 4 inches front and back.

  5. Top this with ½ oz. Tomato, ½ oz. Cheese and ½ oz. lettuce.

  6. Folding in the sides, roll away from you until completely sealed.

  7. Slice in half or in 5 sections and serve with 1oz salsa.