Recipe Yield:
Amount Item
1  #10 can Diced Tomatoes
6  c Diced onion
1 1/2  c Diced red bell pepper
6  c Water
2  bags Foothill Farms® Salsa Seasoning Mix (#V425)
1  Tbsp Cinnamon
1/2  c Chopped cilantro
  1. In a full-size steamtable pan, pour in diced tomatoes, water, onions and peppers. Roast in 350ºF convection oven uncovered for 20-30 minutes.

  2. Remove from oven and cool. Puree with immersion blender or food processor.

  3. Add Salsa Seasoning (5.8 oz), cinnamon and cilantro. Stir until well blended. Cover and let sit at room temperature for 30 minutes. Stir prior to serving and store in refrigerator.