Recipe Yield:
Amount Item
1  bag Foothill Farms® Cobbler Mix (#585T)
1  cup water
2  cups strawberry pie glaze
1  bag Foothill Farms® Strawberry Mousse (#111T), prepared according to package instructions
1  bag Foothill Farms® Whipped Topping (#046T), prepared according to package instructions
  1. Combine Cobbler Mix (19.75 oz) with water. Whisk until mix is completely dissolved.

  2. Grease bottom of a 2" half pan. Spread mix evenly over bottom of pan.

  3. Bake at 350°F for 20 minutes or until firm to the touch. Remove from oven and cool.

  4. Spread strawberry pie glaze evenly over cobbler base.

  5. Spread 1 qt mousse evenly over glaze.

  6. Top with 1 qt Whipped Topping. Garnish with fresh strawberries or drizzle with more glaze.

  7. Option: Mix sliced strawberries with strawberry pie glaze.

  8. NOTE: Store unused mouse and whipped topping in containers in refrigerator.