Recipe Yield:
Amount Item
1  gal Hot water (180°-190°F)
10  oz dried mushrooms (wild mushroom blend)
1  bag Foothill Farms® Cream Soup Base (either #067 or #096)
1/2  cup olive oil
12  oz yellow onion, julienned
1  #10 can mushrooms, stems and pieces, drained
1  cup white wine
6  oz Foothill Farms® Alfredo Sauce (either #090 or #575), prepared
  1. Place hot water into a large stock pot. Add dried mushrooms and allow to rehydrate for 5 minutes.

  2. Pour contents of Cream Soup Base into water/mushroom mixture. Whisk thoroughly until mix is completely dissolved.

  3. In another large pan, saute onions in olive oil until tender.

  4. Add canned mushrooms and heat thoroughly.

  5. Deglaze pan with white wine.

  6. Add prepared Alfredo Sauce to mushroom/onion mixture and stir to combine.

  7. Add to Cream Soup/Mushroom mixture. Bring up to a slow simmer (never boil). Simmer for 5 minutes, stirring ocassionally.