Foothill Farms® Responds to Recent Government Changes to Grain and Protein Maximums with Website Improvements
April 09, 2014

This January, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) permanently lifted the part of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act that set maximums for the amount of grains and proteins K-12 schools could serve at lunch. After learning of this pivotal change, Foothill Farms®, responded by redesigning its website to be USDA food friendly. Now, distributors, foodservice brokers, directors, managers and school nutritionists can easily find recipes and create monthly menus by new recipe categories “Utilize USDA Foods” and “Whole Grain.”

Foothill Farms® has populated its “Utilize USDA Foods” recipe category with over 50 recipes for entrees that meet the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act. The “Whole Grain” recipe category has over 25 menu ideas represented.

"We want to make sure our website is K-12 foodservice manager and dietitian friendly," commented Luann Schafer, senior marketing manager at Kent Precision Foods Group (KPFG). "If we can be a helpful resource that simplifies school lunch menu planning then we have accomplished our goal."

Lifting the grain and protein maximums eliminates the weekly limits that were imposed on school meals and allows school cafeterias more freedom to add menu variety, as well as, increase the amount of food consumed on school campuses. Foothill Farms® anticipates an influx in school cafeteria menu variety, which is why they expanded their recipe offerings.

Foothill Farms® is committed to keeping up with governmental changes affecting K-12 school menus. Its Flavorwise™ product line was created to help reduce sodium on school menus without sacrificing taste and to help utilize USDA Foods offered to schools in kid-friendly ways. Each product has 310mg sodium or less per serving, 0g trans fat, is low fat or fat free and contains no added MSG. As the USDA’s target sodium levels change, Foothill Farms® is committed to adjust accordingly to correspond with the federal nutritional guidelines. Currently, there are 29 products in the Flavorwise™ product line.

About Foothill Farms®
Foothill Farms is a registered trademark of Kent Precision Foods Group, a dry-blending and packaging food company specializing in providing finished products for customers in the foodservice, industrial and consumer products businesses. Customized products produced vary widely and include salad dressing mixes, frozen desserts, seasoning blends, stuffing mixes, seasoned rice and sauces.

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