(Foodservice News) Shake Up at Schools
April 20, 2018

As seen in Foodservice News

Remember resenting how little control you had over your life in high school? Well, this may be small potatoes in the big scheme of adolescent life, but for students at Eastern Carver County Schools, personalizing their food is just another way the district is “personalizing learnings.”

Thanks to Kent Precision Food Group’s Flavor Labs Flavor Station, students from elementary through high school can shake six different spice blends on everything from potato soup to chili to emancipate their taste buds.

Around 1,500 kits have been distributed nationwide by Kent in an effort to spice up school lunches after government guidelines made them healthier by taking out the flavor—fat and salt. “This is perhaps one reason why 1 million fewer students are participating in the National School Lunch Program today than five years ago,” Kent reported in a release.

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