Frostline Celebrates National Soft Serve Day on August 19th
August 17, 2014

Frostline® Frozen Treats, a brand specializing in dry soft serve and frozen beverage mixes, is celebrating National Soft Serve Day, August 19. The brand, manufactured by St. Louis based Kent Precision Foods Group (KPFG), has developed a unique marketing campaign highlighting the assumed dangers of traditional, hard packed ice cream. The campaign features a fictitious organization called People Against Ice Cream Related Accidents (PAICRA). The marketing campaign intends to bring awareness to the national soft serve holiday as well as highlight the benefits of offering soft serve ice cream. Frostline® plans to utilize social media to showcase humorous mishaps that often occur when scooping hard packed ice cream. In conjunction with these efforts, Frostline® is giving away product samples and promotional sales materials along with offering t-shirts to vendors interested. Ideas can be found at

Restaurants, frozen yogurt shops and other businesses who offer soft serve ice cream are encouraged by Frostline® to participate in the August 19 national holiday. Frostline® urges vendors to hold soft serve contests, offer complimentary soft serve and share humorous images and videos via social media that show reasons to “put down the scoop.”

“We think this is a fun way to get people excited about National Soft Serve Day,” commented Jamie Schwartz, product marketing manager for Frostline®. “Most people have had a scoop fall off a cone or needed to use lots of muscle to get the scoop going at some point in their lives. We think people will identify with our campaign and want to join us in celebrating National Soft Serve Day.”

About Frostline® Frozen Treats
Frostline® has been a soft serve solution for businesses for over 40 years. Businesses with one soft serve machine use Frostline® to serve chocolate, vanilla or twist to their customers. Soft serve and frozen yogurt shops with multiple machines or who sell seasonal flavors can utilize Frostline® Flavor Packets to expand their frozen dessert menu 15 or more times. Frostline® also offers a dry smoothie base mix, Simply Smoothies™, and frozen beverages.

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