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CHAMPS Group Purchasing and KPFG Launch Custom Contract for Fortified and Modified Drinks
February 04, 2017

CLEVELAND - CHAMPS Group Purchasing has launched a three-year custom contract with Kent Precision Foods Group for fortified and modified drinks. The custom contract with Kent Precision Foods Group is available to CHAMPS’ 7,000+ members nationwide.

"CHAMPS is delighted to announce our new contract with Kent Precision Foods Group for their Thick-It products, including AquaCareH2O®, an innovative line of ready-to-drink, pre-thickened beverages," said Jan Elder, director of contracting services. "KPFG’s Thick-It line is synonymous with solutions for dysphagia nutrition and we are proud to have them as a part of our GPO portfolio. Our contract covers KPFG’s entire Thick-It catalog, and is available to all CHAMPS members without restriction. Members should consult with their medical surgical distributor of choice to obtain CHAMPS GPO pricing."

A thickened diet is crucial to wellness for the more than 18 million Americans who struggle with dysphagia. Consuming enough fluids and nutrition while reducing the potential for choking is a life-or-death challenge made easier with the adoption of pre-thickened waters, juices and tea.

Thick-It’s AquaCareH2O products are made from pure Artesian mineral water, and due to the proprietary use of xanthan gum, the liquids maintain consistency whether heated or enjoyed cold. Thick-It’s line also offers ready-to-eat pureed foods and instant food and beverage thickeners available in Honey and Nectar consistencies. The thickeners do not change the taste or appearance of hot or cold foods and beverages, which boosts palatability.

"Thick-It® products have been proven to enhance nutrition and improve patient outcomes, making our relationship with health care providers and food service managers who serve aging populations as important as ever," said Megan Watts, brand marketing manager for Personal Nutrition Solutions at KPFG. "Our partnership with CHAMPS helps us honor our commitment to deliver innovation where it matters most—the health care setting."

About CHAMPS Group Purchasing

CHAMPS Group Purchasing leverages the purchasing power of 7,000+ member locations across the United States allowing them access to significant savings in product categories, including medical supplies, foodservice, wireless, office supplies and facility maintenance. As an owner of Premier, one of the largest buying groups in the country, CHAMPS sponsors its members allowing them access to more than $40 billion in purchasing volume, 2,000+ agreements, GPO contract management and unparalleled customer service. It’s simple to start realizing significant savings - with zero fees and no cost to join - the sign-up process is seamless. CHAMPS is honored to be named as one of The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Top Workplaces in 2014 and 2015, as well as to ERC’s NorthCoast 99 List in 2003, 2004, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2015. For more, visit

About Kent Precision Foods Groups’ Thick-It

Thick-It is a registered trademark of Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc., based in St. Louis, Missouri. Thick-It® Original Thickener is the number one selling retail brand of food and beverage thickeners, introduced in 1987. In 2005, Thick-It® dietitians developed an innovated line of pureed foods, made from real food ingredients. In 2011, Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc. acquired Clearly Superior, which produced AquaCareH2O® Beverages, a line of ready-to-drink, pre-thickened beverages, which come in water, juice and coffee varieties. All Thick-It® dysphagia nutrition management products are available at pharmacies nationwide as well as for foodservice and in-facility use through North American and international distributors. For more details, visit


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