Precision Foods Receives 2011 Dot Foods Quality & Service Award
January 01, 2012

Precision Foods is honored to accept the 2011 Dot Foods Quality & Service Award! Out of over 600 Dot Foods supplier partners, this achievement was only attained by 10 companies.

The award is presented annually to suppliers who demonstrate outstanding commitment to service and performance. Companies are rated on:

  • Overall inbound service level – including Special Order items
  • Accuracy of packaging bar codes with the published Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
  • Successful integration of electronic communication – including pricing, advanced shipping notice, invoices, and more
  • Efficient dock load times
  • Freight managed by supplier with on-time delivery
  • Efficient return process
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Proactive collaboration to increase supply chain optimization
  • Product communication

Precision Foods is dedicated to providing the best overall service and communication to our distributors, brokers, and customers. Achieving a feat such as this is a great honor and is one the company will work to achieve for many years to come.

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