Foothill Farms® Launches New Brand and New Website
December 09, 2013

Kent Precision Foods Group (KPFG) has launched a new website for its Foothill Farms® brand products featuring a fresh, re-branded look, trend information and helpful resources. Please visit and for child nutrition information and products, visit

“The new website was designed to provide a user-friendly experience that will allow operators to access detailed product information and see the complete range of menuing solutions including our healthier choices line Flavorwise™,” stated Luann Schafer, senior marketing manager, KPFG. “We are excited to be able to provide foodservice operators with the information and menuing applications. The site focuses on product versatility and contains over 300 delicious recipes.”

Foothill Farms® products were created by experienced chefs and food scientists to insure they always taste great. Products are versatile and will perform well as different complements to primary menu items. The Foothill Farms® brand is affordable, efficient and easy-to-use. As a leader in dry-blend products, the Foothill Farms® products were created to offer transport, storage and inventory benefits that are superior to scratch and ready-to-use products.

Foothill Farms® is a registered trademark of KPFG, a dry-blending and packaging food company specializing in providing finished products for customers in the foodservice, industrial and consumer products businesses. Customized products produced vary widely and include salad dressing mixes, frozen desserts, seasoning blends, stuffing mixes, seasoned rice and sauces.

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