KPFG Launches Updated Website to Reflect New Company Name and Branding
April 02, 2013

With the company name change last November came a new logo and a new design for the company overall. Because of this, we are excited to announce the launch of our updated Kent Precision Foods Group website to reflect the company branding!

The new website is simple to navigate and will feature timely information with menu trends, featured recipes and spotlights on products, and much more. The improved site brings about faster access to product information and recipes with an easy-to-use search function. Distributors and brokers can also access brand marketing material and sort by product category.

One significant difference you will spot is the Thick-It® products are no longer located on the Foodservice site. Thick-It® has been moved to the Personal Nutrition Solutions portion of our site. For consistency sake, the Thick-It® products and brand information are set up on this site in a similar structure to the KPFG Foodservice site.

We invite you to look into each of our new websites and we look forward to servicing you through each of these platforms.

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