Capabilities: Cartons

By offering a wide range of different sized cartons, customers are assured of finding the perfect sized package for their product. Carton weights range from 4 oz. to 3 lbs. For extra convenience, carton combination fills are available.


Pack Sizes:
Length: 2" – 8"
Width: 1" – 2"
Depth: 3 1/2" – 10"

4 oz to 3 lbs Product density determines size
Combination fill available, e.g., seasoning packet

Printing Options:
Cintronix Printer – 3/4" in max height
(3 lines, black ink)
Can have preprinted cartons

Carton Material:
Cardboard, chipboard

Can add inserts, e.g., recipe cards, coupons, etc.

Download PDF Spec Sheet