Capabilities: Horizontal & Vertical Pouches

Offering customers numerous packaging options, Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc.'s horizontal and vertical form filled and sealed packaging machines can pack products using elaborately designed pre-printed film or value-conscious one-color film, featuring simple in-line printing and everything in between. A variety of bag sizes are available with pack weights ranging from 1 oz. to 6 lbs.


Horizontal Pack Sizes:
Bag Widths: 2" – 6"
Bag Lengths: 2" – 8"

Vertical Pack Sizes:
Bag Widths: 2 1/8" – 12"
Bag Lengths: 3" – 16"

1 oz to 6 lbs (Product density determines bag size)
Dual fill capacity on horizontal form filled and seal line minimizes reduction in particulate size throughout filling process.

Available Package Styles:
Bag n' Bag (with or without zipper)
Gusseted/Tucked (with or without zipper)
Quad Seal
Tear Notch and Hole Punch options available

Film Options:
Paper, poly, foil, metalized poly or metalized films

Printing Options:
Can choose from several different ink colors
Can run pre-printed and pre-printed registered film

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