• Make a Splash with Signature Beverages

    These days, signature beverages are giving the classics a run for their money.

  • DOLE® Soft Serve

    Make your operation a destination with Dole® Soft Serve. These mixes are bursting with big fruit flavor. It’s creamier than sorbet and doesn’t have the tartness of frozen yogurt. The result is a truly unique soft serve that satisfies customer cravings with intense fruit flavor that’s sweet and refreshing

  • Foothill Farms Salad Dressings

    Compliment any menu item with flavor-packed salad dressings, dips and more.

  • Recipes

    Looking for a great trendy recipe to round out your menu? Search our recipe catalog.

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Frostline® Simply Smoothies™

With just one Frostline® Simply Smoothies base mix, it's simple to create dozens of profitable spring smoothies. Read More >

Featured Recipe:
Green Tea Honeydew Smoothie

Healthy and Tasty. Get your fix of green tea and fresh honeydew in the form of one delicious smoothie.