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Foothill Farms Kosher certificate 2017

Foothill Farms Kosher Certificate valid December 1, 2016 - November 30, 2017.
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Frostline Recipe Sheet

Create trendy recipes using ingredients you already have on hand mixed with Frostline Soft Serve.
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Frostline® Soft Serve Sell Sheet

Get to know The Perfect Frozen Treat.
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Soft Serve Locations

Join some of America's sweetest spots - add convenient, profitable Frostline and DOLE soft serve to your menu.
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Foothill Farms White Sauce Instant Base Mix Product Sell Sheet

Foothill Farms White Sauce Instant Base Mix is a basic white sauce that is used as the base for other classic sauces. This classic blend of butter, flour and milk adds a rich and creamy quality to a variety of dishes. Preparation is quick and easy. Just add hot water (no boiling) for perfect, consistent sauce every time. White sauce is the starting point for other classic sauces such as mornay, veloute, and cheese sauces.
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Mandarin Orange Sauce Instant Mix Concept Sheet

Foothill Farms makes it easy to create an endless variety of great-tasting dishes across the menu. Just mix our products with a few back-of-house ingredients to create bold and unique flavors that'll inspire foodservice professionals and dazzle customers.
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Frostline Pumpkin Soft Serve Sell Sheet

Introducing Frostline Pumpkin Soft Serve.
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Dole Strawberry Soft Serve Sell Sheet

Dole Strawberry Soft Serve lends itself to endless possibilities regardless of skill level or kitchen equipment. Get inspired to make this creamy, dreamy strawberry flavor part of your menu.
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Dole Soft Serve Sell Sheet

These unique, dairy-free soft serve mixes deliver intense fruit flavors to satisfy your customers’ cravings – and they’re also free of fat, cholesterol and gluten.
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