Capabilities: Blending & Packaging

Dry Blending

Dry food ingredient blending is the core of our business. Blending some or all of the ingredients required for finished production, Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc. customizes each blend to meet your specific taste, performance, cost and packaging specifications.

Just a few of the benefits include reduced food cost, saves on distributor costs, saves on valuable storage space and reduce wasted product. For more information on the benefits of dry blending, click here

Test Runs

If you have a great idea, or our culinary team has given you one, we have just the lab size, equipment and expertise you need to prepare a test batch that won’t test your budget.


Our sales and production team will work with you to pack to your specifications. From less than 1 oz. to 2,000 lbs., we’ll happily seal your products in virtually any pack size you require.  From simple bag-in-a-box to multi-colored pre-printed film, the Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc. team is committed to providing you with the customized packaging your product needs to be a sales success.