Capabilities: Research & Development

Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc.'s highly skilled foods scientists work alongside your company chefs, transitioning culinary vision to a customized formula that yields results. Your specifications regarding ingredients, nutrition, preparation, yield and price are followed to the letter to ensure our product meets, or even exceeds, your expectations.

Our team can duplicate an existing product to streamline production or reduce costs, or create a new formula to satisfy a menu need; and our combined experience and dedication ensure on-target results in days, not weeks.  

Beyond a great product, we are also looking out for other customer interests:


Dry blends save you money. And if you think your costly ready-to- use product can't possibly be duplicated into a dry blend at the same quality, think again. That's a specialty of Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc.


Minimize SKUs in the back of the house with product designed for multiple menu appearances/applications.


Condensing multi-step prep with one of our blends minimizes labor and maximizes consistency, earning well-deserved praise from Operations.

Dietary Concerns

Specific nutritional requirements are quickly finding their way onto menus. Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc. is well versed in creating products that meet specific nutritional requirements or are fortified with functional ingredients.