Capabilities: International

Kent Precision Foods Group, Inc. services the dry blending and packing needs of companies all over the world. Our focus on specific product categories and our dedication to excellence, innovation and unparalleled service enables us to offer the highest quality specialty food products and services available.

Global Advantages

The combined benefits of dry-mix products and our unique capabilities blend into a perfect mix for international operations. All Kent Precision Foods Group products come with the assurance of consistent quality, and they are also:


We can easily duplicate existing ready-to-use products into dry blends, saving you money on expensive liquid ingredients. Plus, shipping costs are much more economical without excess water weight from wet or frozen foods.


Our products have a 12-month shelf life, allowing you to provide a fresher product, prepared just the way you want, when you want it. A longer shelf life also helps your company avoid costly product expiration, as well as additional fees and hassles associated with frequent restocking.


In many cases, preparing our products is as easy as adding water. By condensing multi-step product preparation, you can minimize labor and maximize consistency for your operation.


We understand the importance of offering a wide range of products that appeal to various cultures. Our research & development team can easily match regional flavor profiles and use natural colors – and unlike some of our competitors, our team has the ability to make high-quality Kosher, GMO-free, and Halal certified products.