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Breakfast Pizza

This hearty pizza includes all of your breakfast favorites- eggs, sausage and has browns!

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Spicy Buffalo chicken slathered over pizza crust and topped with blue cheese.

Enchilada Sauce Pizza

A Mexican inspired pizza with all of the chile and cheesy chicken goodness of an enchilada.

Mini Beef Calzone with Italian Sauce

Traditional Tomato Sauce, ground beef and cheese are stuffed in pastry dough for a treat on the go.

Steak Apple Walnut Blue Cheese Pizza

Add a seasonal spin to your fall menu with this delicious pizza combining walnuts, apples spinach and steak with blue cheese sauce.

Taco Pizza

1 slice provides 2 oz Meat/Meat Alternatives and 2.25 oz whole grain.

White Chicken Pizza

This delicious tomato-free pizza is made with creamy Alfredo sauce, veggies, chicken and topped off with more cheese.