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Bacon Egg & Rarebit Cheese Fries

Hot waffle fries covered in a savory melty cheddar cheese sauce, crispy bacon and fried egg.

Caesar Mashed Potatoes

Add Caesar Dressing mix to mashed potatoes for a new twist on an old favorite!

Cheddar Grits

Menu a premium side with bold flavors that guests can't find elsewhere. A creamy, cheesy Southern Classic made easy.

Cheese Rice

Let guests upgrade to this premium side dish. A rich and comforting classic. This recipe blends tender rice with a mix of creamy cheese sauce to create a tasty side dish that is the perfect complement to chicken, pork or beef.

Cilantro Lime Rice

The adventurous duo of crisp, chopped cilantro entwined with a juicy splash of tropical lime takes white or brown rice new places. Create flavored rice like what's served at Q'doba and Chipotle restaurants.

Cuban Black Bean

Rich traditional Cuban flavor. 1/3 cup of prepared beans (beans undrained) provides 1/4 cup of beans or 1 oz eq M/MA.

Fried Cauliflower with Honey Mustard Cheese Sauce

Hot home-style breaded cauliflower served with a savory melty cheddar cheese sauce.

Italian Fry Seasoning

A rich montage of aged cheese and spices, creates the distinctive flavor topping for these Fries.

Italian Oven Roasted Potatoes

Seasoned perfectly, tender, golden brown and crisp potatoes. The perfect side for chicken, sandwiches and to accompany breakfast.

KC Cheese Fries

Hot sweet potato fries covered in a melty savory and sweet cheddar cheese sauce, pulled chicken, crispy bacon and green onions.

Loaded Nachos

1 serving provides 2 M/MA, 1 oz eq grain, 1/8 cup vegetable

Memphis Cheese Fries

Hot fries covered in a melty savory and spicy cheddar cheese sauce, shaved beef with grilled onions and red bell peppers.

Mexican Whole Grain Brown Rice

1/2 cup provides 1 oz whole grain

Parmesan Grits

Offer the Southern favorite of shrimp and grits with an upscale twist. Perfectly creamy and extra cheesy grits.


Many of today's patrons are eating throughout the day to fit their non-stop lifestyles. A common Canadian dish made with French fries, topped with gravy and cheese curds.

Red Beans & Brown Rice - Side Dish

Traditional style red beans and rice made with kidney beans, onions, celery, peppers and whole grain brown rice. For schools it provides: 1/4 c beans, 1 oz eq whole grain and 1/8 c other vegetables

Spicy Great Northern Beans

Spice up Great Northern Beans with our Enchilada Sauce Mix.

Steak Nachos with Three-Cheese Sauce

Tortilla chips piled high with hearty beans, a three-cheese blend, warm nacho cheese sauce, guacamole, sour cream, and grilled steak.

Traditional Three Cheese Mac & Cheese

Make the ideal version of this classic dish. Upsell by adding in premium proteins and veggies. The three varieties of cheese in the sauce give this mac & cheese recipe a complex and delicious flavor.

Ultimate Nachos

Seasoned ground beef, refried beans, melty cheddar cheese sauce, diced tomatoes and sour cream atop crispy tortilla chips. Upgrade with steak and a side of guacamole.